Keeping Up the Romantic Spark with Infertility

couple hugging

Have you ever overindulged in your favorite snack for multiple days in a row? It tastes great at first; you can’t get enough. But, after a while, you may start to get sick of it. For many couples, struggling with infertility, this is how intercourse may start to feel.

Everyone jokes that “trying for a baby is fun,” but planning sex meticulously may not feel so sexy, after all. Instead of having sex just because, you can become solely focused on the goal of having a baby. With increased pressure to have intercourse around ovulation, sex begins to feel like a task rather than a way to connect with your partner. So, how can couples keep the spark of intimacy alive while dealing with infertility?

Prioritizing Quality Time & Love

When trying to conceive, it can be easy to let the journey take over your life. It’s important to prioritize time with your partner to intentionally reconnect. This may look like a weekly date night, cooking dinner together, or making time to talk with each other about things other than fertility. Perform romantic gestures such as small surprises or giving one another massages. Get back to the basics; even a simple compliment can go a long way!

Try New Things

The daily routine you share with your partner may get boring after a while and trying new things can help to keep the spark alive! Whether you try something different in the bedroom or a new hobby together, changing things up is a great way to keep your connection and life together interesting and playful.

Communication is Key

Remember, you and your partner are a team.  Intimacy is important, but communication is a big part of that. We recognize that infertility feels isolating – prioritizing communication and support for one another is critical. This closeness will help you to navigate these challenges together.

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