Preparing for Your Initial Visit

Couple consulting with fertility doctor

Scheduling your first visit with a fertility specialist is overwhelming, but finding a resolution to this medical problem will become exciting once you begin the process.

The first step requires that a couple recognize the need for assistance. Confronting difficulty conceiving is uncomfortable, but after many months of disappointment, we hope you schedule an initial visit with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners. With speed and comfort, we will help you to identify and resolve the many possible impediments to your success.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) defines infertility as unprotected sex without a pregnancy for greater than one year. However, for those 35 or older, infertility is present after only six months of unprotected sex without a pregnancy. Infertility is also recognized if the patient requires medical intervention to achieve a pregnancy or in patients whose medical history identifies an inability to achieve a successful pregnancy without medical assistance.

Here, we break down the evaluation and treatment process to prepare you for the initial visit and help you understand how it may facilitate and maximize success.

Your Medical History

How long have you been attempting to conceive? Are your menstrual cycles regular, and do you ovulate? It is also necessary to review any prior treatments, so please bring copies of previous fertility testing, surgeries, semen analysis, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, and blood tests. We will review these results, your Gynecologic history, and any other medical problems that affect either partner.

Your Medical Insurance

The fear of expenses associated with fertility treatments is a common stressor. At Damien Fertility Partners, we accept most major insurance companies. It is critical that you review infertility treatment benefits with your insurance company prior to your visit. This facilitates awareness in advance of the fertility treatment benefits that are included in your plan. Once you schedule the initial consult, our office staff will verify insurance coverage before the scheduled visit.

Answer Your Questions

It is normal to have many questions as you begin the process of seeing a fertility specialist. We recommend sorting through your questions and concerns in advance. We will discuss them, and you will gain knowledge about fertility during your initial visit. Our education at the consult will enhance your understanding of medical issues, and we hope to make you a partner in finding a resolution.

Your initial consultation will put you at ease and should generate more confidence that you will succeed in your treatment. Our providers are passionate about informing you as much as possible and you will likely generate more questions as we discuss your experience more thoroughly. Further questions will arise throughout your evaluation and treatment. Nonetheless, the answers to your initial questions and concerns will become the foundation for learning and advancing your treatment.

Know What to Expect

The initial consult helps us to learn about your problems, fears, and questions. The initial testing will include blood testing for both partners that can explain issues of low egg counts or poor semen. A semen analysis is necessary for males, and an HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) will evaluate the uterus and fallopian tubes for blocks or defects. Blood testing can explain issues of low egg counts or hormonal problems.

We will address your concerns in conjunction with developing a plan to treat the medical problems revealed by our testing. Our goal is to achieve success but also to facilitate your comfort and confidence. The medical history will become the foundation for your plan of treatment. Together, we will slowly resolve the medical problems that arise and treat them together. Some of these follow-up discussions will be by phone, and others will be repeat brief consultations.

Our goal is to support a strong patient-provider relationship that is founded on trust and compassion. We will use this education and trust to help you achieve the goal of building your family.

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